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Valuex Logo – Design Brand

The use for media companies is free, if you are a customer or cooperation partner of Valuex, you will find the regulations for the use of the Valuex logo included in the respective agreements. If you do not have an agreement or are unsure about the possibility of use, please contact us before proceeding to prevent any unlawful use.

Valuex Logo – Word Brand

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Valuex Boilerplate

About Valuex

VALUEX was founded in 2022. The company rates, builds and funds innovative tech and blockchain business models. Projects are analyzed from a business perspective, provided with value-based advisory services, and also interconnected with its own investment club members, who contribute their expertise, networks as well as investments.

Blockchain and innovative tech projects offer the potential to disrupt traditional business models. Applications range from decentralized financial services, gaming and entertainment, identity management and NFTs, data management and asset tokenization to supply chain management or manufacturing solutions.

The concept of decentralization is the key value driver here and will help enable entirely new business models and empowers consumers and businesses by making unnecessary parties obsolete.

The conviction of Valuex's founders in this regard is that the innovative tech and blockchain sector is already laying the foundations for tomorrow's innovations and ecosystems, like e.g. the token economy. For it to have real potential, however, more transparency, new forms of access, and a meaningful connection with established structures and resources are needed.

With the three business units of Rating, Venture and Capital, Valuex offers solutions that enable participants to jointly identify and harness the potential, as well as participate in the success of the ventures.

The Team

The management team consists of digital business model specialist and blockchain expert Paul Kruegel (40), corporate and brand strategist Mag. Oliver Schmitt (51). The goal of Valuex AG is to make the value potential of the innovative tech and blockchain world accessible to new users, to sustainably support startup projects in the development and funding phase, as well as to further develop existing blockchain business models. 

Beyond the founding team, international partners from different areas of the tech and blockchain sphere complement the company's competencies and are to ensure the ongoing development and expansion of the VALUEX value proposition. 


Leadership Team

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