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We created Valuex to make a difference. For ambitious founders, innovative established companies, curious experienced business people and investors who want to leverage the innovative technology as well as the blockchain space. To do this, we act in different roles: Sometimes as a venture studio, sometimes as a coach, but also as a mentor or incubator. But always as a partner at eye level.


We combine compelling investment stories with the right realisation plan and suitable investors. We help to set up the corporate structures in a targeted manner and support the management team in developing themselves and the entire team sufficiently. We build not only on hard facts, but also on the necessary soft success factors.

Punkte verbinden


Everything we do is geared to the people involved. After all, they are the basis for success in the market and the argument for an investment. In doing so, we take all challenging steps and forks in the road - always with the main focus on the project.


The main focus is always on efficiency. We do not develop 200-page strategies, but work out all the necessary key points in the shortest possible time. And these are designed in such a way that their implementation can take place as simply and quickly as possible. At the end of the day, what counts is not what has been planned, but what has been achieved.

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